Learning activities

Core Units — 2018-2019 + Navigator

The SSE core units are a signature activity. The units bring together student entrepreneurs to form cross-institutional groups. Core units aim to engage the cohort through experiential learning and access to SSE partners. SSE is working towards delivery of several core academic units of study to form an elective part of a university degree or TAFE NSW program.

Demo Day — Gala from 2018

SSE is in early stages of exploring the concept for a statewide celebration to showcase next-generation entrepreneurship, featuring best and brightest current and past student entrepreneurial initiatives to pitch for further support.

Colloquium — from 2018

SSE has the ability to provide a neutral platform for member academics (Pre-PhD, PhD and Postdoctoral) to refine and share research. Half- day collaborative workshops will be held biannually for research purposes and to identify opportunities for furthering NSW entrepreneurial education.

International Bootcamps — from 2017

Intensive bootcamps to develop the mindset and skills through immersion in overseas best-practice and to connect with international partners. SSE will support 5-7 day visits by student entrepreneurs to hubs in Asia, America and Europe. Five member students have now been selected to attend the second opportunity, the Hacker Exchange to Silicon Valley, running from 3 to 15 December.

Development — from 2018

Cross-institutional initiatives to foster SSE communities of practice between member faculties by sharing latest resources, knowledge and capabilities in the format of 1-2 days of experiential professional development. This activity is to commence in April 2018 for member faculties and may include facilitators from the partner network.

Global Series — from 2017

This activity brings visiting thought leaders to SSE in a forum to discuss best practice in the global context. Held quarterly, the 1-2 hour keynote sessions feature a moderated Q&A session and networking for SSE members and partners. SSE has hosted Distinguished Professor David Audretsch and Vicki Saunders.

Masterclass — from 2018

SSE Masterclasses offer student entrepreneurs, member faculty and staff and partners the opportunity to engage with Australia’s top entrepreneurial minds. These sessions feature cutting-edge trends and equip participants to tackle the future of work.

Speaker Series — fortnightly from 2017

Like-minded individuals are provided the opportunity to join the diverse SSE community. In particular, student entrepreneurs will gain insight into the world of entrepreneurship and all participants will be able to share insights, failures, challenges and lessons. These regular one-hour sessions will feature a moderated Q&A session.

Co-Creation — Quarterly from 2018

Activities co-created by SSE and partners with SSE acting as an honest broker and “sandbox” facilitator in order to solve wicked problems. May result in up to four customised executive education programs a year.


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