Congratulations Spaceship & all ‘Finnies’ winners

Congratulations to successful startup Spaceship and all other Australian Fintech companies – and their fearless leaders – who won ‘Finnie awards’ at Fintech Industry Awards on 24 May.

A big applause for Spaceship – Sydney’s tech-focused Superannuation Fund – that won the ‘Best Emerging Fintech Organisation of the Year’ award because of its diversified portfolio with tech at its core.

We are thrilled to see how FinTech Australia has promoted the NSW financial sector, Australia’s fintech ecosystem and businesses with the Finnies Awards. Up to 300 Australian and international fintech influencers and innovators were present, among whom outstanding players were identified and crowned for demonstrating a long term vision in building and financing sustainable business growth.

The Finnie awards are of great support of Sydney’s start up and entrepreneurial ecosystem and we are excited to see how these Fintech companies will develop this year!