Anyone for Live Stream?

Anyone can log on and join the livestream of SSE CEO at NSW Science and Research Breakfast Seminar from 8am on Wednesday 5 April 2017.

Simply follow the instructions below. Hope you can join us

Information required to livestream CEO Nick Kaye’s presentation “An Eco System, Satellites and a Stage: Setting up Sydney’s School of Entrepreneurship” to the NSW Science and Research Breakfast Seminar at 8am on Wednesday 5 April 2017.

  1. Open up a Firefox or Chrome web browser. (Do not use Internet Explorer)
  2. Once in Firefox or Chrome, copy and paste the link provided
  3. Press play. A pre-recorded video will play until 7:45 am when the seminar will begin.
  4. At 7:45 refresh the browser
  5. During the seminar, tweet all questions to account @SSENSW using the hashtag #SSENSW. We will endeavour to ask questions from Twitter but this cannot be guaranteed.
  6. Any issues, see FAQs below

Q What is the link to the livestream?

Q Why can I see the last event when I click on this link?
A The most recent event will always load at the top. On the day, when the page loads, the live stream will begin playing automatically after 7:45. After the event, the video player will switch from LIVE to ON-DEMAND. A recording of the presentation will be available the same day.

Q What happens if the stream goes down on the day?
A If you are facing any problems or can’t see the live event, refresh the page.
If you are unable to view the live stream, but the stream is successfully reaching the server, it might be a connectivity issue at your venue. Email

Q Can participants send in questions?
A Yes. During the seminar, tweet all questions to account @SSENSW using the hashtag #SSENSW. An SSE representative at the event will endeavour to ask questions received from Twitter

Q Is there a phone number / help desk for participants to call if they cannot connect to the live stream?
A Email is best during the seminar – Refer key contacts below.

Q I’m still having trouble, is there anyone I can talk to?
A Live Stream technical contact Avani Malhotra: Phone: 02 8006 8894 Email:                          
SSE Events Contact: Xenia Pridmore: Phone 0431 921 949 email