Penny Buchanan – Events Manager

If you had an 8th day of the week, what would you do with it?

I would insert a day between Saturday and Sunday to spend more time with family and friends over a great breakfast, followed by some cricket at the park and shopping!

Penny Buchanan is SSE Events Manager, responsible for delivering a wide variety of events for the School. Working closely with event teams and contacts in SSE’s member institutions, government and industry associations, Penny is responsible for developing a strategic program of events to help encourage and build an entrepreneurial ecosystem around SSE. An experienced events manager, Penny has extensive experience in end-to-end event management and partnership management, and has worked in roles across the public and private sector. Prior to joining SSE, Penny worked at Tourism Australia, the Retail Council and Australian Red Cross.

Prior to joining SSE, Penny worked Tourism Australia, The Retail Council and The Australian Red Cross.