Stephen Rutter – Head of Experience

When are you willing to break with convention?

Why would I follow convention? I break with convention every time I try to solve a problem: I focus on discovering creative ways to solve problems and deliver on budget and within time constraints.

Stephen Rutter is SSE’s Head of Experience with a background over 20 years in global business environments in logistics, entertainment and education management.

He has worked for the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Cathay Pacific Airways and Show Group, Australia’s largest entertainment logistics company. Graduating from the Executive MBA at UTS in 2013, Stephen was seconded to Flinders University as an Executive in Residence, providing their New Venture Institute with a strategic business plan and then reviewing their strategy and operations.

As Head of Experience, Stephen is developing a SSE’s calendar of academic and co-curricular experiences He aims to leverage the SSE’s academic program to cultivate and expand the SSE community with residences, scholarships and internships.