SSE, Macquarie and advancing fronts of the latest research

SSE might be a new larger common stage for NSW entrepreneurs but our 12 academic partners have been in the innovation space for much longer time. Example Macquarie University who – in one of the first events to utilise the SSE campus – will be hosting their eight annual Outlook conference on July 26-27 2017.  As described ” Outlook will bring together leading thinkers across diverse disciplines, spanning molecules to landscapes, across deep time frames and from scientific, historical, social and entrepreneurial viewpoints”. For participants, this is an opportunity to spend two days immersed in science, looking beyond advancing fronts of progressive multidisciplinary research. Like a sample itself of future SSE operations (connecting students with masters, thinkers with tinkerers and leaders with dreamers)  – Outlook will facilitate generating new networks and establishing collaborations. Further event information will be posted here once available. We are looking forward to seeing all deep and progressive thinkers on campus at SSE with Macquarie University for Outlook 2017.