Sydney Open Source, circa 1905…

The Hargraves Institute (named after Lawrence Hargrave – Sydney, NSW inventor of the box kite who purposefully avoided a patent for his box design of a kite to enable open source development which ultimately led to the Wright Brothers designing their aeroplane!) presented their annual innovation conference on March 28 & 29 in Sydney. In keeping with the conference themes of customers, collaboration and diversity, Nick Kaye, the Chief Executive Officer of Sydney School of Entrepreneurship, provided an overview of how SSE – an unprecedented partnership between 12 NSW tertiary institutions – will bring together high performing students from a range of backgrounds across NSW to collaborate and innovate. Thank you for having SSE to speak.

Image credit to SSE HQ neighbour the Powerhouse Museum, just down Harris Street from our future home in Ultimo.

P2903-1/44 Credit: Powerhouse Museum