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Mitaanshu Agarwal

About Us / SSE Team

Occupation: Alumni

Founder of EduChamp

Mitaanshu Agarwal
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Alumni Profile Mitaanshu Agarwal

International Bootcamp to India 2019 alumni

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Mitaanshu Agarwal is a problem solver and enthusiast in Computer Science. He is fascinated with new ideas and how ideas bring revolution in society for the greater good.

Growing up in India he realised that prime weight is given to education in the middle-class demography. Mitaanshu went on to study Computer Science at University of Sydney and continued working as a part-time tutor where he realised that over the years the way of teaching has not really evolved as compared to other industries.

Solving many problems along the way by software solutions and completing freelancing projects, he finally came up with an idea around how a student in education could improve which built the foundation of eduChamp.