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Robert Lean

About Us / SSE Team

Occupation: Alumni

Director of Uptrekker

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Alumni Profile Robert Lean

International Bootcamp to India 2019 alumni

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Rob is an entrepreneur with a passion for structural change. Using business as a mechanism to address social problems, Rob’s goal is to create lasting, effective social impact.

Rob trained as a digital business analyst and consultant, where he learnt to see and solve problems using technology. Uptrekker, Rob’s company, was born out of his travels to Nepal in 2014.

During his travels, Rob met countless highly trained, experienced and professional guides. Yet for many travellers, booking an experienced guide was the hardest part of their trip. At the same time, many guides did not receive a fair wage for the treks that they received through travel agents.

Uptrekker’s purpose is to solve a problem for both trekkers and for guides. Uptrekker is an online marketplace that lets travellers book treks directly with guides in Nepal. Uptrekker’s mission is to eradicate unfair working conditions in Nepal's trekking industry while making it simple for travellers to find experienced, professional guides who create once-in-a-lifetime treks for their clients.