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Stuart Farwell


As the Business Partnerships Manager within the Innovation, Enterprise and Engagement team at SSE, Stuart is dedicated to identifying, nurturing, and developing SSE's extensive network of partnerships and developing new ones. Stuart plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and progress with a diverse base of over 100 organisations across government, education, industry, and community sectors.

With 15 years of experience in partnerships, program development, and events across Australia and the UK, Stuart excels at cultivating domestic and international collaborations and creating professional development programs for government bodies, educational institutions, and industry partners. Stuart's journey began with entrepreneurship, where he successfully managed his own events business before relocating to Australia. Now, he combines his love for business and entrepreneurship with the transformative power of education, aiming to empower future generations of entrepreneurs.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Stuart holds a Bachelor's degree in Art and Design, supported by a Graduate Certificates in Start-Up Scale-Up strategies.

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