About Us / SSE Team

Wendy Chin

Wendy has forged a 20-year career in the not-for-profit sector focused on mobilising volunteers for social impact. With experience across local, national, and global organisations serving vulnerable and underserved communities in the health and welfare sectors, Wendy brings a broad skill set to SSE’s Client Support Officer role.

Working from a purpose driven, heart led and person-centred approach, Wendy is a highly skilled relationship builder who enjoys developing partnerships and creating meaningful ways to bring diverse groups together to collaborate towards positive change. Along with her depth of knowledge and skills in program and volunteer management, and improving systems and efficiencies for greater impact.

Wendy is excited about SSE’s 2023-2026 Strategic Plan of building a nationwide culture of entrepreneurialism and shared prosperity with particular interest in ‘providing greater access and participation for learners from historically excluded and under-represented backgrounds.’

Wendy loves reading and listening to podcasts, gets joy from a great cup of coffee and flaky croissant, and re-energises by floating in ocean pools and laughing together with her friends and family.