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Todd Puumalainen

About Us / SSE Team

Occupation: Staff

As our Marketing Specialist, Todd is responsible for developing effective and engaging marketing strategies to help drive growth toward SSE’s strategic goals. He is also responsible for scouting new opportunities and the co-design and implementation of our marketing activities.

Todd brings to SSE a comprehensive understanding of the education and training landscape. For over a decade, he’s worked in Student Administration, Business Development, and Marketing at the University of Notre Dame Australia, TAFE NSW, and Pluralsight, with a key emphasis on campaign and event marketing management.

Todd’s passion for education lies in his mission to make the world a better place through education and training. Todd himself is a first-generation Australian and the first in his family to embark on university studies, completing a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Behavioural Science. He also holds an Advanced Diploma in Business Management.

Having been invited to the launch party of SSE in 2016 as part of his involvement in B2B marketing for TAFE NSW, Todd is now thrilled to be part of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and the positive impact SSE provides in the community.