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Yogesh Kumaravel

About Us / SSE Team

Occupation: Alumni

Founder at CricDoc

IB Yogesh Kumaravel
Alumni Profile
Alumni Profile Yogesh Kumaravel

International Bootcamp to India 2019 alumni

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Dr Najeebullah Soomro invited Yogesh to have a discussion on a startup idea to predict and avoid injuries in fast bowlers who risk their career. The idea will impact many budding young cricketers and also help them achieve peak performance.

Yogesh is currently completing his Masters in Engineering, specialising in Mechatronics, at the University of Melbourne and has 3 years of experience in software development in various domains such as logistics and Product Life-cycle Management.

Having an extensive background and knowledge of agile development together with hands-on experience in software, Yogesh has taken the opportunity to make an impact on a fast bowler's cricketing career.