Learning activities

Core Units

Academic units of study created and taught with collaboration across SSE members and that bring together student entrepreneurs form cross-institutional teams. Core units aim to engage the cohort through experiential learning and access to SSE partners. SSE is working towards delivery of several core academic units of study to form an elective part of a university degree or TAFE NSW program.

Demo Day

SSE is in the early stages of exploring the concept of a statewide celebration to showcase next-generation entrepreneurship.


SSE is a large common stage for member academics (Pre-PhD, PhD and Postdoctoral) to refine and share research. Half-day workshops for research purposes to identify opportunities to complement NSW entrepreneurial education.

International Bootcamps 

Immersion in overseas best-practice and connection with international partners to develop a global entrepreneurial mindset. SSE will support visits by student entrepreneurs to hubs in Asia, America and Europe.


Cross-institutional initiatives to foster academic communities of practice between SSE member faculties. 1-2 day sessions to share latest resources, knowledge and capabilities.

Global Series 

Visiting thought leaders discuss best practice in the global context. Held quarterly, the 1-2 hour keynotes feature a moderated Q&A session and networking.


Sessions with top entrepreneurial minds to equip participants with skills for the future of work.

Speaker Series

Opportunity for all to join the SSE community. One-hour sessions, featuring “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) to gain insights in the world of entrepreneurship.


As honest broker and “sandbox” facilitator, SSE co-creates activities with its partners.