Core Units

SSE is co-designing up to four Core Units that bring together highly-motivated student entrepreneurs enrolled at member institutions to form cross-institutional, cross-disciplinary groups. Student entrepreneurs come from a diverse range of backgrounds, disciplines and locations.

The aim of this signature SSE activity is to engage the interdisciplinary cohort through experiential learning (incl. peer learning) and access to the SSE partner network of industry, startup community, past student entrepreneurs and other contributors.

An example of the modules for Core Units that complement member’s entrepreneurship and innovations curriculum will include:

  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems and stakeholder mapping
  • Government, policy and economic growth
  • Incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces
  • Investors, funders and financial institutions
  • Start-up and innovation methodologies
  • Communicating with emerging technologies
  • User experience and product development

Entrepreneurial learning

Entrepreneurial learning is best achieved through action/doing in relation to relevant and challenging tasks, collaboration, self-reflection and through assessment.

During any Core Unit, students will be asked to experiment, learn from others, take opportunities and informed risks, and learn from their mistakes. Students will be expected to work individually and with fellow student entrepreneurs.


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