How to promote SSE

Want to tell you friends, networks and fellow students about SSE?

Here’s everything you need.

Talking Points

First, read our Why Study at SSE? doc. It covers some of the best bits about studying at SSE and some common questions. We also have FAQs on our unit pages if you get any more detailed questions about our units.

Next, share your story! 

Social media

Create your own post by downloading our:

You can use our suggested text and remember to include the link to our units page your CTA

Alternately you share the latest posts from our social media channels

You can also use the latest video of our Innovation students on studying at SSElatest units animation, our Ideation video, or any of our other YouTube videos

Powerpoint Slide

Download our powerpoint info slides as a PPT file or image.


Download our latest posters to print out and put around your campus, workplace or local area.

Become an SSE ambassador

You can also sign up to become an SSE ambassador! We’ll give you a promo pack and be in touch with opportunities to join and host local events. Email and say you want to be an ambassador to get started.

Keen for more?

We have other SSE merchandise, including SSE postcards, T-shirts and more that we can send out to you. Get in touch via or call us on 02 8029 1999 to let us know what you need.