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Virtual Industry Placement Program


A hands-on virtual placement with industry partners to solve real-world problems.

The Virtual Industry Placement Program by SSE helps you get valuable experience and apply your entrepreneurial skills in a supportive and enriching environment.

Our four-week immersive program is designed to fit the needs of any cohort, with participants working on real business tasks and projects, advancing organisational objectives, and deepening skills in creativity, design thinking, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The program develops the next generation of leaders through:

  • Tailored virtual events and forums for genuine industry engagement and relationship building with peers and potential future employers.
  • A vibrant, engaged and safe online learning environment that encourages the development of entrepreneurial curiosity and supports robust learning outcomes
  • Support from leading entrepreneurial facilitators and experts during the program and ongoing membership of the SSE innovation community

Find out how the Virtual Industry Placement Program could help you get the SSE edge – contact

Are you an employer looking for amazing students to help energise your business, give a fresh perspective and join your team? Get in contact to explore opportunities to connect with our diverse and talented community.