When you look back through time, the pivotal moments become clear. The emergence of key figures, the catalyst for unprecedented events and the identification of schools of thought that have impacted the world we live in today.

Entrepreneurship has been around since the first people eyed opportunity, yet now it’s morphed into a unicorn creating, dream stealing, myth that many fail to understand and succeed in. It’s become shorthand for make yourself rich.

That’s not our view.

Our role is to establish new generations of entrepreneurs with a wider world view. Our alumni will be recognised by their contribution to making our society and our economy richer. Richer in fulfilment and in creating a healthier sense of achievement and in fairness for the society around us.

We do this by cultivating the conditions for raw talent to learn, work hard and thrive. We bring together unique people of diverse disciplines and backgrounds, places and skills. We forge extraordinary opportunities: Connecting students entrepreneurs with masters, thinkers with tinkerers and leaders with dreamers. We collide methodologies: bringing together fresh approaches and thinking from all over the planet to create new models, new businesses and new industries not conceived of before.

Ultimately our success will be seen through the success of our student entrepreneurs. In the pivotal moments they help create. Not only for themselves, but for our entire state.