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Partner Spotlight: Department of Regional NSW

Partner With Us

Through consultation with the Department of Regional NSW (DRNSW), an opportunity was identified to support Aboriginal students (12-24 years old) in Tamworth and members of the Ezidi community (15-25 years old) in Armidale with financial literacy and entrepreneurship education. 

We delivered customised versions of our Invest in Yourself – Exploring Money & Self Employment program to both groups in February 2023, with the main aim to strengthen participants’ financial literacy, empower them with future skills, and develop entrepreneurial mindsets to create meaningful employment opportunities and future pathways. ​

The delivery of both programs was successful, with participants developing their financial knowledge, building new confidence to start a business, and exploring alternative pathways for employment. Following these programs, DRNSW engaged SSE to deliver Invest in Yourself to a further eight cohorts around regional NSW in 2023.


Lily Dow



“This program has helped me understand that there are multiple different ways that you can go about your future – there is not one set pathway.” Lily Dow, Invest in Yourself participant in Tamworth



Ghassan Aldakhi (centre)



“I got new ideas and learned things I haven’t been taught before. It taught me a lot about how to manage money and taking an idea and making into a business.” Ghassan Aldakhi,  Invest in Yourself participant in Armidale


  • 100% of Aboriginal students were satisfied or highly satisfied with our program

  • 83% of Aboriginal students strongly agreed that they had learnt relevant, new, and useful skills

  • 78% of Ezidi participants felt somewhat to extremely confident to take basic steps to start their own business at the end of the program

  • 78% of Ezidi participants were satisfied or highly satisfied with our Program