How do successful Entrepreneurs operate?

Join us for a special event co-hosted with Sydney School of Entrepreneurship, Charles Sturt University – Engineering and Cenwest Innovate.

‘In Conversation’ with Dr Peter Kelly Professor of Practice, High Growth Entrepreneurship, Aalto University, where Dr Kelly will share his insight of how high performing entrepreneurs operate for success.

Based in Finland since 1998, Peter has been the driving force behind entrepreneurship education at Aalto University heading up the Helsinki School of Creative Entrepreneurship, an initiative that involved all the Schools and the largest private donor to Aalto University.

Before becoming Finland’s first Professor of Practice in High Growth Entrepreneurship, Dr Kelly spent a year as Professor of Practice at the School of Art & Design where he developed a rapid opportunity prototyping course to explore the intersection between the disciplines of design and entrepreneurship.

Date: 17:30-19:00, Thursday 28 June

Where: CSU Engineering
Charles Sturt University, Panorama Avenue, Bathurst

Register here.

About Dr Peter Kelly:

Dr Peter Kelly is an award-winning entrepreneurship educator and practitioner. He is Professor of Practice, High Growth Entrepreneurship, Aalto University.

Over the past 25 years, he has worked with over 30,000 graduate students, entrepreneurs and executives in more than 25 countries worldwide. His areas of personal and professional expertise include creativity, design thinking and doing new business creation, intrapreneurship, entrepreneurial finance and innovation policy. A self-described “positive non-conformist”, Peter likes nothing more than to challenge convention and routines.

A former corporate and investment banker, he was involved in numerous private placements, merger & acquisition and initial public offerings for the cable television and publishing industries.


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