We are not your typical school

SSE is an independent, not-for-profit school, offering an unprecedented opportunity to access entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and networks.

The Ideation unit is dynamic, collaborative and real world focused – you won’t be stuck in a lecture hall and there are no exams.

You will have the chance to understand the context within which new ideas are expected to take hold. This is an essential starting point for discovering insights. Creating something “new” implies a reaction to something that already exists. This discovery process relies on a framework that moves from “what is” (context) to “what if” (possibilities) to “what wows” (concepts) to “what works” (launch).

On successful completion of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Articulate, investigate and reframe “problems” into “opportunities”
  2. Contextualize opportunity
  3. Develop solutions through the creative process of ideation
  4. Apply design thinking principles in practice
  5. Demonstrate confidence in story-telling and communicating with impact
  6. Visualize and evaluate potential solutions

The change-maker community

You will become a lifetime member of the diverse SSE community. This means making those unlikely friendships that provide the collaborative spirit for true entrepreneurial successes. It means sharing information, discussing ideas and staying connected with SSE’s activities and industry partners.

You will broaden your mindset and skills by working in inter-institutional, cross-disciplinary teams of like-minded peers from right across NSW. The unit is facilitated by Dr Peter Kelly.

Facilitator – Dr Peter Kelly

Peter Kelly is an Adjunct Professor of Practice at the University of Newcastle. Peter completed his doctorate in entrepreneurship at London Business School and his MBA at University of Notre Dame, USA. Before he was appointed as a Professor at the newly created Aalto University, he was Executive Director of the Helsinki School of Creative Entrepreneurship and has been involved with Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship since its conception.

We’ve got you covered

We believe in making opportunity accessible. SSE charges no fees for this unit. If you are from outside Sydney, SSE will provide a mobility scholarship to cover travel and accommodation costs.


You will not be awarded credit for completing the Ideation unit. It is considered as a co-curricular activity.

Who can apply? 

No matter what you’re studying or where you live in NSW, if you are a student currently enrolled at an SSE member institution, you are eligible to apply.

SSE members are Australian Catholic University, Charles Sturt University, Macquarie University, Southern Cross University, TAFE NSW, The University of Newcastle, The University of Sydney, University of New England, University of Technology Sydney, University of Wollongong, UNSW Sydney and Western Sydney University.

Applications Process

Applications open 30 August 2018.  You will hear from SSE if your application has been successful.

How are successful applications chosen?

SSE will select a diverse cohort representing all 12 members, locations, disciplines and gender. Academic merit is important, but it’s your entrepreneurial spirit that counts.

 How can I find out more?

Just ask! You can reach us via email at info@sse.edu.au or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @SSENSW.