Kids as Entrepreneurs: Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators

What we’ll do

The world is getting faster and faster… technology is supposed to give us more leisure, but it seems like we’re more connected, accessing more information and needing to adapt faster and faster.

How do we prepare our kids for this world?! How do we teach kids to be fast-moving, entrepreneurial and understand MVP, TAM, Fast-Fail, P’s of Marketing and so on (and do you?!)

We’re going to explore how you teach ‘kids’ how to be the great founders of tomorrow with two amazing organisations that do just that.


Liz has a strong and diverse teaching background spanning over 10 years. She holds an Undergraduate and Masters Degree in Education specialising in Technology Integration.

Liz has taught 3 state based curriculums and also the International Baccalaureate. She has co-developed a Distance Education program for young indigenous and VET students in the Northern Territory in conjunction with Charles Darwin University. Liz has also delivered several Professional Learning workshops to school teachers on the IB-MYP Programme and technology integration.

In 2015 whilst teaching at Reddam House Sydney, Liz established entrepreneurship as the school developed option in the Commerce curriculum. In 2016 Liz met Dr Richard Seymour and Jo Burston who co founded and trialled the the very first version of the in-curriculum programs which became the formalised course that is now delivered nationally by teachers.

Liz has presented a number of workshops on entrepreneurial education and has worked closely with industry partners to encourage young people to consider alternative career choices.


Prior to embarking on her entrepreneurial career, Tania worked for more than 15 years in international corporations and agencies across senior management, brand strategy and development, marketing and business development, working with large global partners and clients in APAC and Europe.

In 2010 she co-founded not-for-profit Club Kidpreneur and, as Chair and Executive Director, has managed the business or the past 3 years and led it through the strategic pivot to the current edtech model. In collaboration with multiple expert partners from the education, government and business sectors, she has led the development of the Kidpreneur Challenge program curriculum, which has been delivered in 750 primary schools to more than 16,000 students nationally since 2015, and more recently our accredited professional development and assessment tools.

In addition to Entropolis, Tania is an active investor of time and capital in businesses aligned to her vision of a future world driven by entrepreneurial endeavour. Her ambition for Entropolis is to be the world’s leading provider of high-quality experiential entrepreneurship–based education and the largest active global ecosystem of future entrepreneurs, with the goal of futureproofing the next generation and setting them up for success in a fast-changing and uncertain world by teaching them to think, act and create like entrepreneurs.

Tuesday 28 August 2018

This is a FREE event, register here. Please thank someone from ACU who are sponsoring this event.

Peter Cosgrove Centre ACU
Level 18, 8-20 Napier St
North Sydney 2060

Less than 10min from North Sydney train station

ACU Collaborate Plus holds a leadership position in education research and innovation.

They offer a number of education opportunities around innovation and entrepreneurship, and in 2017 launched ACU Collaborate Plus ACU’s entrepreneurship hubs for startups and small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The North Sydney & Strathfield spaces provide a flexible, creative and inclusive area for students, staff, alumni, startups and SMEs who are working on an innovative startup, project or business idea. And is currently available at no fee! The project is supported by NSW Department of Industry’s Boosting Business Innovation grants.

See you there!


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