Professor Attila Brungs

Member Representative

Attila Brungs is the Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). He has previously held senior positions with the CSIRO, McKinsey & Company and Science Know- How. Attila was awarded a First Class Honours Degree in Industrial Chemistry from UNSW Sydney (where he also received the University Medal). He was a Rhodes Scholar and has a Doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry from Oxford University. Attila is currently Convenor, NSW Vice-Chancellor’s Committee; Deputy Chair, Universities Admission Centre Board; Advisory Board Member for NSW Data Analytics Centre, UTS Beijing, and the Australian Higher Education Industrial Association; and Chair, UniProjects. His experience includes many distinguished past board and committee memberships. Some of Attila’s present key appointments include the Federal Government Research Data Infrastructure Committee; the NSW Innovation and Productivity Council; and the Universities Australia Vice-Chancellors Group.