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Invest in Yourself: Exploring Money and Self-Employment


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Invest in Yourself: Exploring Money and Self-Employment is designed to improve participants' financial literacy by learning about entrepreneurship. Invest in Yourself empowers participants to use their unique skill sets in innovative ways to find meaningful employment, and explore alternative career paths like side hustles, freelancing and remote working.

Unemployment and the lack of financial independence remains an issue amongst youth. Additionally, post COVID-19 disruptions we are seeing youth wellbeing at increased risk. Stress and uncertainties in their direct environment continue to challenge their resilience and independence.

It has become increasingly important to improve self-agency of youth in finding meaningful employment – regardless of location or background – and strengthening their financial independence.

To support youth wellbeing and development, SSE has designed Invest in Yourself - Exploring Money and Self-Employment to assist youth in developing their financial independence and broadening their scope of employment opportunities. We do this by helping them understand how they can use their unique skills to create meaningful employment opportunities through alternative career paths such as side hustles, freelancing and using remote working as an opportunity to overcome any challenges of being in remote locations, with a focus on part-time or full-time employment.

Learning Outcomes

Through the program, participants will:

  • Identify money mindsets, and understand their personal definition of financial independence
  • Explore and implement strategies to bolster their income through freelancing, entrepreneurship, and remote work
  • Adopt practical techniques to become more financially independent
  • Identify workforce trends and the skill required to thrive in the future economy

Program Detail

Invest In Yourself: Exploring Money and Self-Employment brings together financial literacy and entrepreneurship for participants. It is an SSE-led and facilitated program with a customisable delivery model that can be integrated into youth programs and school curriculum. Supported by a Learning Management System, SSE's facilitators provide support and individualised feedback to ensure a quality experience for participants.




Modules at a Glance

There are four modules in the Invest In Yourself program. Participants complete these modules on SSE's Learning Management ‘SSEQuad” and are supported through mentoring sessions. Each of the modules is designed to contribute to the skills growth journey of the participants.

Money Mindset

Participants understand how they view money and how that affects their financial goals. They will learn about the different sources of income and the important factors to consider.

Understanding Freelancing

Participants understand more about their strengths and weaknesses and how they might be able to use these in freelancing to pursue an alternative career path.

Understanding Entrepreneurship

Participants learn about the skillsets and mindsets that create successful entrepreneurs and how this career path might influence their financial goals.

Becoming Entrepreneurs

Participants identify an entrepreneurial opportunity of interest and develop a plan on how to pursue it, working to develop the skills and mindsets needed to create a business of their own.


Facilitator and Mentor

The program is designed and taught by a diverse range of expert practitioners. Our team employs the latest in entrepreneurial learning techniques to deliver impactful outcomes and support participant success.

Kayleb Waters
MENTOR Kayleb Waters-Sampson

Kayleb Waters-Sampson, a Gomeroi Man from Walhallow (Caroona Mission) was a mentor for our Gomeroi Culture Academy program delivery. Kayleb is an artist and performer based in Tamworth, where he's a member of the Gomeroi Dance Company, and a Cultural Mentor for the Gomeroi Culture Academy. He delivers cultural content across NSW, including well-being programs, mentoring, and traditional art, dance, and artefact workshops.

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Vito Grigorov 600Px
Vitaliy (Vito) Grigorov

Tricia nudges the next generation towards meaningful employment through irresistible digital learning experiences.

View LinkedIn profile

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Matt Panopoulos
FACILITATOR Matt Panopoulos

Matthew Panopoulos is an education innovator. A motivational psychology specialist with more than a decade of experience across primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors, he excels in effective educational design and facilitation.

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Program Completion

Our experiential learning tasks are designed to complement and reinforce student learning. Students will complete short quizzes and reflections throughout the program and participate in project work to put their learning into action. Upon completing the program, students receive a verified digital credential which they can use on their resume and LinkedIn profile.


The program helped me prepare for the future, so if I do want to start my own business, I know what’s coming.

Lachlan Powe Gomeroi Culture Academy student

Invest in Yourself Case Studies

Read more about SSE's delivery of Invest in Yourself to different diverse communities.

Ezidi Community, Armidale NSW

Invest In Yourself: Ezidi community
Feb 07 - Feb 26 2023 

ReAD case study

Gomeroi Culture Academy, Tamworth NSW

Invest In Yourself: Gomeroi community
Mar 15 - Mar 30 2023 

reAD case study