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Archive - Virtual Startup Internship Program: Future Economies

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SSE has collaborated with Western Sydney University Launch Pad to create a new Virtual Startup Internship Program! This time, the program showcases startups and scaleups that are innovative to create our Future Economies.

This free, flexible and fully online program will help you gain real-world experience with three innovative startups while helping you gain some insight into the future of our economy and the startups that are helping define it.

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Launch date:  10 December 2021
Cost:  Free
Duration:  8-10 hours (Online, Self-Paced)
Purpose:  This program is designed for innovators and change makers looking to find out more about what startups are truly like, and to build the skills required to make them successful.
Goal:  Gain experience complementing real world experiential programs for 3 leading, future economy focussed startups. This program will help you develop your entrepreneurial mindset and learn innovation skillsets to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

I enjoyed participating in finding solutions to REAL problems helping motivate me to think outside the box and strive for greater solutions.

Isaac SSE Graduate, of Virtual Startup Internship Program: Smart Cities


The Startups and Scaleups in the Virtual Startup Internship Program: Future Economies

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