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Archive - Virtual Startup Internship Program: Smart Cities

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Get behind the scenes of three startups operating in the thriving space of Smart Cities!

In our program, you will work with startups that are leveraging the power of shared mobility, unlocking the distributed renewable energy network, and incentivising real, sustainable societal change. 

Designed by the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the City of Newcastle, this Virtual Internship allows you to peer behind the curtain and experience what it’s like to work on a real innovative business that’s making real impact.

  • This program is fully online and self-paced, it will take around 7-9 hours to complete this Virtual Internship
  • Gain practical skills to make your CV stand out, and set yourself up for success
  • You'll earn a verifiable digital badge and certificate

Experience the world of innovation with direct access to three startups who are innovating for Smart Cities!

Why join this virtual internship?

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Our Virtual Startup Internship Program, with a focus on Smart Cities, presents you with real-life challenges and supports you as you come up with innovative solutions that could make a real difference. 

It's free, flexible and fully online. 

Gain real-world experience with three innovative startups!

Liftango Web


Liftango guides global organisations and cities on how to plan, launch and scale shared mobility projects. They solve parking, congestion and zoning problems by improving the efficiency of transport services using on-demand transport technology.

Find out more about Liftango

In this module you will create a plan for Liftango’s expansion into the US market through an understanding of their needs, considerations of requests from the board and market demands. 

Switchdin Web


SwitchDin bridges the gaps between energy companies, end users and equipment manufacturers by providing a hardware and software solution to better utilise distributed energy systems.

Find out more about Switchdin

In this module you will help SwitchDin’s expansion into providing more value to the household through creating new marketing materials to better communicate what SwitchDin does and how they can help. 

Greenbe Web


GreenBe provides solutions that help organisations connect with their customers seamlessly. Their platform allows governments, workplaces, and utility organisations to capture valuable intelligence on real-world customer behaviours, while powering network-wide services and engagement at scale.

Find out more about greenbe

In this module you will be helping solve a problem for the City of Newcastle to help engage more with its citizens on behalf of GreenBe. They will learn from what GreenBe has done in the past for clients to write a “Future Press Release” to show how a solution might look for the City of Newcastle.

Looking back on our first Virtual Startup Internship Program

Since launching in July 2019, we've had over 13,000 sign up to our immersive online experience. Our Virtual Internship Program is has helped thousands of students from Australia and around the world to develop the practical skills they need to work in a startup (or launch their own!).  

Of participants who have completed our first Virtual Startup Internship program:

  • Copper Sqe

    93% said that the program has inspired them to take the first steps in creating their ownbusiness or work within a newly established firm.

  • 7

    86% feel that the program has improved their employability prospects

  • Midnight Sqe

    64% note that the program helped develop teamwork and collaboration skills