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Creating Your Financial Future

Programs / Short Courses

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Equipping youth with the power of financial knowledge

SSE’s Creating Your Financial Future is designed to assist youth in helping them become more financially independent, applying entrepreneurship and broadening the scope of employment opportunities by utilising their unique skills.

Time Commitment Delivery Mode Price SSE Credential Badge

10-12 hours
(multiple delivery options available)

Face-to-Face or
Starting from $3,500
for 20 participants


Unemployment and the lack of financial independence remains an issue amongst youth. Additionally, post COVID-19 disruptions we are seeing youth well being at increased risk. Stress and uncertainties in their direct environment continue to challenge their resilience and independence.

It has become increasingly important to improve self-agency of youth in finding meaningful employment – regardless of location or background – and strengthening their financial independence.

To support youth well being and development, SSE has designed ‘Creating Your Financial Future' to assist youth in developing their financial independence and broadening their scope of employment opportunities. We do this by helping them understand how they can use their unique skills to create meaningful employment opportunities through alternative career paths such as side hustles, freelancing and using remote working as an opportunity to overcome any challenges of being in remote locations, with a focus on part-time or full-time employment.

Download Program Overview

This program helps youth on to a path towards financial independence, teaches them about entrepreneurship and empowers them to use their unique skill sets in innovative ways to find meaningful employment. Through the program, youth increase their confidence in, and knowledge of finance, and learn about freelance work, creating a side-hustle and other income possibilities.

Learning outcomes: Increase young peoples’ self-agency, financial independence and ability to confidently adapt to change.