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Programs / Short Courses

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SSE’s Discovery Programs are equipping youth with innovative & entrepreneurial skills and mindsets to turn real-world problems into opportunities. Discovery programs also impart crucial transferrable enterprise skills such as creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, adaptability and teamwork in participants, preparing them for the future of work as innovators and change makers.


SSE’s Discovery Programs introduce school students and youth to the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. Through the Program, students develop innovative solutions to complex problems. They actively learn how to identify a problem that can be turned into an opportunity for innovation.


Time Commitment Delivery Mode SSE Credential Badge
Minimum of 20 hours
across one term
(face-to-face and online)


Download Program Overview


This program helps youth on to a path towards financial independence, teaches them about entrepreneurship and empowers them to use their unique skill sets in innovative ways to find meaningful employment. Through the program, youth increase their confidence in, and knowledge of finance, and learn about freelance work, creating a side-hustle and other income possibilities.

Learning Experiences:

Throughout the program participants:

  • Are empowered to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset;
  • Apply tools and frameworks to rapidly identify and develop opportunities for innovation;
  • Gain experiences in enhancing interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Develop social intelligence, collaboration and cross-cultural competencies through team-based project work;
  • Build confidence in delivering a compelling presentation;
  • Enhance digital literacy.