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Innovate from Within - Resilient Organisations

Programs / Short Courses

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A bespoke program to help organisations become more resilient to change

The Innovate From Within – Resilient Organisations program equips professionals with skill sets and mindsets to prepare them for the challenges that lay ahead. These include developing their critical thinking, complex problem solving, adaptability and teamwork. These soft enterprise skills complement their industry- and function-specific skills, making individuals, and the wider teams more resilient to unexpected change and disruption.

Learning Experiences:

Participants of the Innovate From Within – Resilient Organisations will:

  • Identify opportunities to bring positive change through innovation;
  • Learn to apply innovative work practices and procedures such as Appreciative Inquiry and the Value Proposition Canvas (VPC);
  • Become champions for innovative thinking, and lead the creation of a work environment, and management practices that support innovative thinking;
  • Embed and practice a culture that encourages implementation of good ideas and learning from failures, instead of a ‘blame culture’;
  • Discuss how to turn ideas into products, processes, and services.
Time Commitment Delivery Mode Price SSE Credential Badge
14 hours total comprising:
  2 x 6hr workshops spaced 4 weeks apart
  2 x 1hr online sessions in between workshops
(face-to-face and online delivery)
$14,000 to $18,000 for 50 participants
depending on the structure and location


SSE has designed the program ‘Innovate From Within – Resilient Organisations’ to make professionals across various industries more innovative and able to respond confidently to unexpected change.

Download Program Overview