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Rethinking Your Financial Future for School Girls

Programs / Short Courses

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In today’s ever-changing, technology-driven economy, it can feel overwhelming to understand and establish a strong sense of financial wellbeing and security. That’s where Sydney School of Entrepreneurship’s Rethinking Your Financial Future Program can help.

Apply now* for your fully-sponsored position in SSE’s new short-course, Rethinking Your Financial Future, to start your journey towards financial independence and success.

The Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE) is excited to offer a new short course focused on enhancing financial independence. Exclusively available to girls above the age of 15 that are still at school in regional Tamworth, participants will emerge equipped with enhanced financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills to support their financial independence now, and into the future. The skills gained from this program will empower school-aged girls to enter their young careers, better prepared to navigate financial goals, and achieve financial stability.

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Learning financial literacy from a young age will open the world to young regional women; revealing abundant doors that can lead to a prosperous future. This unique Program will deliver increased levels of financial independence amongst participants, who will emerge less reliant on those around them to make critical life decisions, both now, and in the future.

Julia Weber Financial Literacy Expert

The Opportunity

Rethinking Your Financial Future is sponsored by the NSW Government’s Investing in Women Funding Program and is being offered to participants fully sponsored, at no cost.

There are two separate programs for different groups, the program outlined on this page is Rethinking your Financial Future (School Students), and is for girls above the age of 15 that are still at school. Rethinking your Financial Future (Young Women) is for young women up to the age of 25 that have left school, you can find out about this Young Women's program here.

Rethinking your Financial Future consists of two face-to-face workshops, and a combination of live and self-paced online work over an 8-week period.


The Essentials

Application Dates:

Applications Period Extended to: Sunday 15 May 2022
(outcomes and notifications to applicants will be emailed on/by 17 May 2022)

Program Dates: 20 May 2022 – 15 July 2022 (8 weeks)


4 hours self-paced online learning
3.5 hours online Zoom workshops
7 hours across 2 x in-person workshops




Self-paced online learning of approx 30 mins per week or 60 mins per fortnight
Fortnightly Workshops via Zoom (50 minutes per session)

10am to 2pm on Friday 20 May 2022 (3 hour kick-off workshop)
10am to 3pm on Friday 15 July 2022 (4 hour final workshop)
UNE Tamworth, 24 Fitzroy Street Tamworth

Eligibility: Female school-students aged 15-18 years old who are
currently living in Tamworth



Why Participate?

Financial literacy is critical to master as it helps individuals become financially independent and boost their standard of living to flourish now and in the future. Rethinking Your Financial Future is a flexible short course which will assist young women in high school to develop a money mindset and determine their personal definition of financial interdependence. The program will equip school-aged girls with the ability to identify trends in the workforce and the skillsets necessary to excel in today’s society. The program offers in-person workshops, online self-placed learning content, and creative assignments. Peer-discussion and engagement with mentors will enable participants to apply their knowledge and create a meaningful and valuable experience.


Learning Outcomes

  • Participants can identify their money mindset and their personal definition of financial independence;
  • Participants learn strategies to bolster their income through freelancing, a side hustle or remote work;
  • Participants adopt practical techniques to become more financially independent;
  • Participants can identify the trends of the workforce and the skillsets required to thrive in the economy of the future.

These learning outcomes will be achieved through:

  • Completion of learning activities that apply the knowledge to the learner’s individual circumstances;
  • Creative assignments to showcase their learnings and have a meaningful resource post- course completion;
  • Discussion with peers to clarify learnings and share life experiences;
  • Engagement with a mentor who has a financial literacy education background.


How to Apply

Spaces are strictly limited for this program. To apply, please complete the short application form* below and answer the question “What does financial independence mean to you?

Applications extended to Sunday 15 May 2022.

You will be notified of the outcome from your application via email on/by Tuesday 17 May 2022.
*N.B. Please be aware that your parents/guardians and your school will be notified of your application and outcome.

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