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Work Integrated Learning


SSE's Work Integrated Learning programs provide participants with immersive learning experience in innovative work environments within start-ups, scale-ups and large organisations, gaining skills relevant for the future of work.

In these programs, participants experience what it’s like to work in a fast-paced, innovative environment. Whether within start-ups, scale-ups or large enterprises, these programs provide a unique introduction and engagement with the innovation ecosystem. This unique experience prepares participants for the changing work environments, and provides an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding and development of in-demand skills required for roles in the innovative businesses leading many industries.

Learn more about the work-integrated learning programs provided by SSE below:

Participating organisations:

For the organisations that host these job simulations, there are a number of benefits, such as:

  • Position your organisation as a leader in your industry;
  • Create a pipeline of talent to lead into deeper internship programs or recruitment campaigns;
  • Showcase your organisation as a key supporter of the innovation ecosystem;
  • Provides an opportunity for local and international students and entrepreneurs to experience what it might be like to work within your organisation;
  • Opens a pipeline of entrepreneurs interested in the defined industry area and showcases the opportunity to pursue this further with your organisation;
  • Provide your innovative teams with a diverse cohort of perspectives to help them create solutions to challenges they are experiencing.