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Fast Five with Paul Metcalfe


Sydney School of Entrepreneurship has just welcomed Paul Metcalfe to the position of Director, Growth and Marketing.

We sat down with Paul to talk about what drew him to SSE, his best pieces of advice, and how he stays motivated.

How did you hear about SSE?  What attracted you to the Director, Growth and Marketing role?

I heard about SSE when they launched and loved the idea they were connecting young people into the digital economy through courses, credentials and experiences, and onto TAFE, Universities or workplaces. The need for connecting all people from wherever they currently are, technically, geographically, personally, and professionally into the digital economy is the main reason I joined SSE. In my role I get to find the resources needed to expand SSE’s impact and get more people onto that digital pathway.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received, personally or professionally?

Walking through a car park on the island of Maui after a windsurfing lesson, we passed a guy sitting in the back of his ute shaping a surfboard. It turned out he was big wave rider, Sean Ordenez. Our windsurfing instructor yelled out “Hey Sean, what advice would you give these fellas?” Sean looked up, long hair wafting across his face, he pauses, and says “Go with your eyes and your body will follow”, drops his gaze and continues to whittle away. A super inspiring experience and great advice in so many contexts.

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Helping young people have choices in whatever the #futureofwork looks like. If that #futureofwork involves climate change, mitigation or adaptation then that’s a win-win-win..

Paul Metcalfe Director, Growth and Marketing at SSE

How do you stay motivated?

Exercise and learning. I’m part of an active family, with each of us doing some sort of exercise every day. My favourites are mountain biking and ocean swimming. Learning wise, there’s a multitude of opportunities – volunteering, meet-ups, and courses, with at least one of each happening all the time. 

What do you think are the most needed skills and capabilities at the moment?

Listening, Reflecting, and Action-orientation.

Right now this looks like;
Listening to Indigenous Elder Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr talk about the word, concept and spiritual practice that is dadirri (da-did-ee) as “Inner Deep Listening and Quiet Still Awareness”. Feels like a skill worth learning. Reflecting on the Uluru Statement from the Heart and finding ways to connect everything I do to the wisdom of First Nations people. Action by getting involved in as many opportunities as possible.  

What change do you want to contribute to in this world?

Using technology as an enabler of social change and helping young people have choices in whatever the #futureofwork looks like. If that #futureofwork involves climate change, mitigation or adaptation then that’s a win-win-win.

Image of Bella the Dog


Bonus round – let’s play a quick game of either/or: 

  • Beach or Mountain escape?–  If it’s got a bike trail on it then Mountain.
  • Music or podcasts?– Hmmm. There are too many choices not to have both.
  • Early mornings or late nights? – Early mornings. Nothing beats a sunrise.
  • Cats or dogs? - Dogs for sure. I grew up with Buttons, Caesar, Lady and Foster, and now Bella (Labradoodle).


Thanks for your time Paul!