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Small Businesses Innovate From Within


Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE) is offering small businesses the opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills through their free short course Innovate From Within—Reimagining Workplace Productivity.

Offered in support of NSW Small Business Month, this program is free of charge for small businesses from across NSW and is designed to equip small businesses with the confidence, skills, and techniques to increase innovation capability and foster an entrepreneurial environment to inspire and increase productivity. 

Dr Sarah Jones, CEO of SSE says "This program is an opportunity for small businesses in NSW to develop entrepreneurial skills to innovate within their business and build capability. Participants will gain practical knowledge and skills to develop an innovative ethos and problem-solve in all aspects of their business. We are excited to offer this program to a broad range of businesses across NSW and support them to innovate from within."

SSE’s program will be delivered online through four one-hour live workshops and commences 8 November 2022.