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Philip John

Who we are / SSE Team

Occupation: Staff

Philip John Profile Photo

Philip John hails from a multiskilled background. His expertise covers UX design, strategic marketing combining content and thought leadership strategies. As Innovation program lead his field of responsibility is leading and supporting the design and development of entrepreneurial and innovation experiential learning programs for diverse cohorts. His core focus is ensuring relevance and applicability to increase the evolvement of SSE students.

Philip has a unique combination of creative and business background. He has worked and contracted with educational institutions, private sector companies such as Amazon and Beyond to Government sector agencies such as FACS, Department of Justice, Transport NSW to name a few. He has worked in both the strategic and tactical implementation levels consistently drawing on his straightforward and results driven approach. He wants to approach business education and practicality from a consistent growth and innovation mindset, to make entrepreneurial thinking a core and learnable skill that has no barries of entry.

Working with SSE, Philip wants to contribute to developing the organisation as a leader in inspirational and impactful learning that changes how aspects of business are viewed and applied.

Philip is a composer and writer; he is passionate about representing communities that are less represented within the arts world. His current passion project is staging a musical he has written on LGBTQIA+.