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Jake Eaglesham


Co-founder Riverina Gin

Jake Eaglesham
Jake Eaglesham Co-founder Riverina Gin

International Bootcamp India 2019

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While studying at TAFE NSW (Wagga Wagga), Jake chose to pursue his passion for rugby after leaving his native Scotland at the age of 16.  This realisation influenced him to travel the world for six years, playing Rugby in eight different countries, finally returning to Australia.  

Without knowing it, this remarkable experience was his education. It was the school of hard knocks, preparing him for the world of entrepreneurship. This lifestyle taught Jake the importance of resilience, the value of empathy and the significance of community.

The problems he faced formed the initial idea for Rugby Matcher – a platform to directly match rugby players with opportunities to play for international teams.  Rugby Matcher is a global rugby network that connects the rugby community, inspires them to travel and shares the resources and opportunities to do so.

After moving to Wagga Wagga to play Rugby, Jake fell in love with The Riverina along with his now wife Tess, with who he founded Riverina Gin. They are passionate about supporting local businesses and promoting rural Australia. Together they juggle the running of Riverina Gin alongside full-time jobs and raising their family.

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