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Life-changing opportunity, for all.


SSE is widely recognised for fostering partnerships and providing services that deliver a lasting positive impact on people, places, and planet. SSE’s entrepreneurship programs support, uplift, and empower many of the diverse communities Australia cares for.


If your organisation is seeking to expand its national or international engagement or forge new collaborations within key groups such as First Nation Peoples, those in regional and rural areas, young people, women and girls, and culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) communities, we’d love to talk.


Empowering and uplifting historically under-serviced communities is a vital means of contributing to advancing Australia’s economic and social prosperity, and improving the wellbeing of more people.


To help maximise social impact – and deliver on our strategic goals – SSE has developed a series of ‘Moonshot Goals’ (see below). These Goals are ambitious, society-wide, and collaborative missions designed to inspire innovation, mobilise our collective resources, and drive lasting positive change for more Australians.


It takes a village to raise an entrepreneur, so an ongoing commitment from organisations across all sectors is vital. Join forces with SSE, and let’s build Australia’s future leaders together!


Group of students around a table

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
Communities (CALD)

By 2030, we aim to facilitate the establishment of 500,000 successful businesses owned by CALD community members through culturally sensitive, tailored entrepreneurship education designed to address economic and social disparities for community empowerment and financial freedom.

Teenage school boys around a table in a workshop

Young people (aged 12-24)

By 2030, we aim to enable 1 million young people to find purpose through self-employment and/or acquire and develop transferable skills through entrepreneurial education that embeds industry mentoring to help them become work-ready and set them apart from their peers.

School girl holding up a piece of paper and pointing to it

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

By 2030, we aim to upskill 2,500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to overcome economic disadvantage through self-employment by delivering culturally safe and sensitive entrepreneurial education, creating a ripple effect where the Aboriginal-owned business employs at least 1-3 more community members.

Female teacher helping two women with a laptop

Women and girls

By 2030, we aim to advance the careers of 1 million women and girls through entrepreneurship education, fostering a supportive network for pursuing entrepreneurial endeavours and leadership roles, and promoting gender equity, purpose, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Program snapshots

Invest In Youself game me lots of ideas and showed me how to take small ideas and then make them into something big.
Salwa M.

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Lynn Erkens
Executive Director, Innovation, Enterprise and Engagement

Lynn Erkens brings a global perspective, and six years of experience at SSE, to her role as Executive Director, Innovation, Enterprise and Engagement.


Anirud Chavali
Senior Business Development Manager

Anirud is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in new business partnerships and high-impact collaborations, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises and government agencies, he is passionate about delivering meaningful impact and outstanding results.

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