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Innovation Ecosystem Metrics Project Report

Innovation Ecosystem Metrics Project


In April 2023, the NSW Government commissioned SSE to undertake in-depth research identifying key drivers of innovation across the NSW Innovation Districts and develop a measurement framework to help develop and drive an Innovation Ecosystem Strategy.

SSE engaged a dedicated research team from across its university Member institutions to explore, review, and analyse broad-ranging primary and secondary data, undertake interviews with key stakeholders across the state, and synthesise the results to identify drivers of innovation inputs and outputs, and develop a framework to track progress within and across regions.

At a NSW Government forum, Dr Sarah Jones presented the research project’s principal findings and key recommendations, which aligned to deliver impact and advance the innovation profile of NSW. 

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Insights into the Youth Entrepreneurial Education Ecosystem in NSW


In today’s world, providing young people with the entrepreneurial tools, skillsets and education to solve society’s most wicked problems and get them job-ready has never been more vital. As leaders in Entrepreneurial education and engagement, Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE) and Young Change Agents (YCA) have joined forces to provide insights into the current state of entrepreneurial education for youth (aged 10-24 years) across the state of New South Wales (NSW).

Over 12 months SSE and YCA interviewed a broad cross-section of voices including youth, parents/guardians, education bodies, Government, industry and community to capture and amplify their perspectives and to develop and share recommendations that can help strengthen the future state of entrepreneurial education for youth in NSW.

We invite you to read the full 'Insights into the Youth Entrepreneurial Education Ecosystem in NSW' White Paper outlining the insights of each stakeholder group, as well as the characteristics of an ideal future state that we identified and the recommendations to help us get there.