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At SSE, we’re on a mission to build a nationwide culture of entrepreneurialism and shared prosperity.

It’s why our programs are tailored to help learners build the knowledge and skills they need to deliver a lasting impact; on themselves, their families and communities, and on the planet.

SSE’s programs are as entrepreneurial as the content we teach. We value the learner experience over more traditional teacher-led methods. Our learners are encouraged to enquire, experiment, collaborate, take risks, and solve problems in a dynamic, experiential environment proven to produce positive outcomes.

We believe that entrepreneurship is a powerful catalyst for change and our goal is to unlock the potential and talent of more people from diverse backgrounds to create a bigger, brighter future, for all Australians.

Are you interested in a partnership or collaboration with SSE that will contribute to high-impact outcomes and deliver lasting value for your business or organisation and the communities we serve?

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Entrepreneurship Education 

Whether your learners are new to entrepreneurship and are seeking an introduction to the fundamentals or are ready to kickstart the Next Big Thing, you’ll find an SSE program to suit.

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Programs For Young People

Young people are full of energy and brimming with big ideas, and SSE’s evidence-based youth programs teach them how to innovate, create, and collaborate on real-world solutions for impact. 

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Work Ready Skills Training

SSE’s work ready skills training programs are designed to equip Australia’s future leaders with essential skills and practical knowledge needed to thrive in life and work in the 21st century.

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Professional Development

High-impact NESA accredited teacher professional development and expert-led masterclasses for busy professionals will help you and your team get – and stay – ahead in your field.

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