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Lauren Goritsas


Co-FounderCo-Founder of TAOMI Australia

Lauren Goritsas
Lauren Goritsas Co-FounderCo-Founder of TAOMI Australia

Entrepreneurial Educators Program 2020

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Lauren is a successful internationally collected artist, a learning and education consultant, and the co-founder of TAOMI Australia, an online learning platform for aspiring artists.

Lauren has consulted as the Learning Innovation and Inspiration Lead at Nakatomi, teaching industry-based skills to students with a focus on creativity, entrepreneurship and STEM education. That role saw Lauren work with Creatable, an education disruptor that provides online professional learning to teachers. With Creatable, Lauren has assisted in the accreditation of online educational courses, with the aim of helping teachers pass on industry-based skills to students.

Lauren previously worked with the Department of Education, developing an entrepreneurial learning resource to be rolled out across NSW schools. She was invited as a Spark Festival panel member providing actionable tips on developing innovation and entrepreneurial mindsets in high school students. Lauren is also a high school teacher, working across the Technological and Applied Studies department.

Lauren's further study into Educational Neuroscience harnessed her with ambition to improve the way we teach to enable more effective learning. Lauren seeks to inspire and empower everyone to innovate, harness their inner creativity and achieve their personal and professional goals with self confidence, courage and knowledge.

The experience and skills aquired position Lauren as an exciting and innovative figure in the worlds of education, business and technology.

In 2022, Lauren founded TAOMI Australia an online learning platform, creating accessible art education for students from all over the world. 


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