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Marley Palin


Former Co-founder of Hatch Health

Marley Palin
Marley Palin Former Co-founder of Hatch Health

International Bootcamp to India 2019

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Marley Palin has worked in a number of senior corporate roles over the years.  Splitting her time between the corporate world and startup land, Marley is passionate about how corporates can accelerate the growth of startups, to benefit both parties.

In 2017, with her two co-founders, Marley founded Hatch Health. Hatch Health is an e-billing platform for private hospitals, that gives patients more transparency over their bills and health fund cover.

At Hatch Health they believe patients should be at the centre of all hospital journeys; and take the complexity out of the billing and payment process, so patients can focus less on their bills and more on getting better.

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