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Robert Gorkin


Co-founder of Eudaemon Technologies

Robert Gorkin
Robert Gorkin Co-founder of Eudaemon Technologies

International Bootcamp India 2019

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Robert is an engineer and entrepreneur passionate about transforming innovative concepts to commercial reality with a focus on social good. He has navigated the academic-industry interface in Industry 4.0 across five continents, engaging with world-class institutes, global corporations, startups and non-for-profits.

His track record includes international grants awarded from both academic and commercial positions, contributing to over 100 publications/proceedings (2500+ citations), and direct involvement in disruptive startups leading to investment, products, sales, and community benefits.

Currently, Robert is Co-Director & Professor at Western Sydney University's Translational Health Research Institute. In 2018, Robert co-founded Eudeamon.

In his various roles, he supports new education and business initiatives around the nexus of new technologies (IoT, VR/AR, Drones, Smart Materials, 3D/4D Printing, etc). 

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