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Seth Gordon


Founder of Moffat Falls

Seth Gordon
Seth Gordon Founder of Moffat Falls

International Bootcamp India 2019

Seth discovered that his passion was actually in Industrial/Products Design rather than in mainstream engineering. Returning home to the family company to continue his education in another passion - sustainable and regenerative agriculture, tourism and housing, Seth took on the role of Manager at Moffat Falls Pty Ltd in 2017.

Whilst designing a much-needed product for the expanding company, Australia’s unmet demand for small, sustainable and affordable housing remains insatiable. He embarked on designing and producing small, affordable and sustainable container houses designed specifically to the environment in which they are located, utilising unique design and engineering principles.

Seth is currently producing a number of these for tourism properties associated with Moffat Falls Pty Ltd as prototypes with demand fast expanding to the East Coast of Northern NSW and more recently Europe.

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