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Tim Klapdor


Co-founder of 26fifty

Tim Klapdor
Tim Klapdor Co-founder of 26fifty

International Bootcamp India 2019

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Tim Klapdor has spent over a decade working at the intersection of education and technology in the University sector. He has developed interactive resources and courses, developed digital strategies, and led the piloting, development and deployment of a variety of innovative and new technologies across the university.

With a background in visual design he has a strong understanding of user interface and experience design and combines that with a deep knowledge of the underlying technologies and systems used at the enterprise level. He’s recently moved into AgTech and has brought his deep understanding of technology into this new field, one that has great potential to change the world.

Tim was a member of the team that won the 2018 AgriHack challenge, were finalists in Hybrid World Startup Lab and Runners Up in the Australian eChallenge Wool Innovation and Tech eChallenge competitions. Tim has a talent for solving real world problems by being able to combine an “outside of the box” approach and creative mindset with the latest technology to develop creative solutions.

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