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Todd Sotheren


Founder of Creation Theory

Todd Sotheren
Todd Sotheren Founder of Creation Theory

International Bootcamp to India 2019

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After a two-decade career in the advertising industry, working on global brands with some of the world’s top agencies, Todd then turned his strategic and creative skill sets to the Hactivate initiative.

Hactivate was about transforming video game-addicted, disengaged youth into engaged and employable young people, equipped with the digital and enterprise skills for the modern workplace - by leveraging the same gamification mechanics which make video games so addictive.

Partnering with industry, Hactivate is co-designed an online platform to help young people learn the technical and ‘soft’ skills needed by employers, realising the huge potential within the Ed-tech and broader education revolution space. 

Todd is also the founder of long-running business Creation Theory.

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