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Drew Longbottom

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Knowledge Holder, Language Custodian, and Cultural Educator

Drew Longbottom is an influential and respected Knowledge Holder, Language Custodian, and Cultural Educator from the Jerrinja Aboriginal Community, now residing in Nowra.  He is a Gamea-Dharrawal/Jerrinja-Wandra Wandian Guruyal Gadhungal Marring Yuin, ba Djirringanj Guyangal Gadhungal Marring Yuin.

For 10 years Drew has been actively supporting and providing Aboriginal cultural education through a variety of topics such as the pre- and post-colonial history of the Shoalhaven-Illawarra region, the facilitation of cultural immersion and cultural tours, and sequential cultural programs for young children.

Drew is an acknowledged Dharrawal language speaker and practitioner, having facilitated advanced and basic language classes for over 1000 children, and delivered cultural education for up to 10,000 pre/primary and secondary-school aged children through his work alongside Shoalhaven cultural practitioners Gadhungal Marring and Djiriba Waagura. 

He is currently contracted by Waminda, an Aboriginal women’s health and wellbeing organisation, as Cultural Programs Support and Facilitator, Cultural Mentor and Language Consultant. 

Drew is a Facilitator for SSE's Invest in Yourself: Exploring Money and Self-Employment program. 

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