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Kayleb Waters-Sampson

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Kayleb Waters-Sampson is a Gomeroi Man from Walhallow (Caroona Mission). Kayleb is an artist and performer based in Tamworth, where he's a member of the Gomeroi Dance Company, and a Cultural Mentor for the Gomeroi Culture Academy.

He delivers cultural content across NSW, including well-being programs, mentoring, and traditional art, dance, and artefact workshops.

You can find all of Kayleb's work through his business NGURRAMBAA, which translates to Home/Camp/Dreamtime/Country. Ngurrambaa represents the connection, relationships, and responsibilities to your home/Country and everything within it.

Instagram: @Ngurrambaa_
Facebook: Ngurrambaa

Kayleb is a Facilitator for SSE's Invest in Yourself: Exploring Money and Self-Employment program. 

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