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Matt Panopoulos

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Founder and Creative Director of Pantonal Productions

Matthew Panopoulos is an education innovator. A motivational psychology specialist with more than a decade of experience across primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors, he excels in effective educational design and facilitation.

Always striving for growth, he seeks to challenge and refine his skills by immersing himself in different industry cultures and innovating beyond ‘normal’ practice. This has included researching effective teaching for a Global Top 50 university, jingle writing for multiple national ad campaigns, managing retail for the world’s largest tabletop miniatures company, and self-publishing a book on motivational psychology.

When he isn’t recording new music for lofi-chillhop labels or working in the team of his sister’s Sex Education startup, Matthew freelances as a facilitator in Human Centered Design and Pedagogical Motivation. He is currently researching transformational leadership approaches for his second book, following on from his work both as a post-graduate alumnus and researcher for the University of New South Wales. His favourite song of all time is Iron Maiden’s ‘Fear of the Dark.’

Matt is a Facilitator for SSE's Invest in Yourself: Exploring Money and Self-Employment and Discovery programs. 

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