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Mumbi Hinga

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Mumbi is a dynamic business coach committed to dismantling conventional notions of success and motivation. In a career spanning over two decades, Mumbi weathered a tumultuous journey marked by diverse careers, lack of direction, migration, and solitude. It was amidst this chaos that she discovered her calling in entrepreneurship.

Reinventing your life, whether in business, at home, or in relationships, may seem daunting. Yet, Mumbi believes it's not as formidable as it appears if you have the right guidance.

Her journey, from having a store in a shopping mall to ecommerce expert, running a film production company, and co-founding a film festival, epitomises resilience and adaptability.

As a business coach, Mumbi specialises in empowering women and mothers to initiate and grow their businesses. This has led her to working with organisations like Settlement Services International (SSI) and House to Grow.

Drawing from her personal challenges, she passionately believes that with the right guidance, resources, and support, anyone can become a triumphant online business owner.

Awards and Recognition 

  • Leadership and Administration Award (Afro-Australian Awards, 2014) 
  • Professional excellence NSW (Celebration of African Australians, 2019 - Nomination) 
  • Community engagement, academic and professional excellence (Celebration of African Australians, 2021 - Nomination)
  • Entrepreneurship and professional excellence (NSW Celebration of African Australians, 2022 - Nomination)


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