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Shelby-Rae Kschenka

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Founder of Marara Designs

Shelby-Rae (Shelby) Kschenka is a proud Wiradjuri woman, Griffith local, mother, artist, and creator of Marara Designs, which produces a range of Aboriginal engraved art, home décor, and educational resources. 

Though she grew up in Griffith NSW with her parents and brother, Shelby was born in Narrandera and still considers it her home, her safe place, and the place she turns to when she needs to connect with her culture, put her feet in the sands of the banks of the Marrambidya (Murrumbidgee) River, listen to the murraany (cockatoos) squawking among the gumtrees, and be with her mob.

Shelby started Marara Designs to educate and help her kids learn about their culture and credits a long line of family artists as lifelong influences and positive role models.

A love for graphic design and art in general has always played a huge part in her life. So, what started as a love for interior design and creating little things for her children here and there, being able to blend her culture and designs became the perfect opportunity to grow a business and share her work more widely.

She is mother to three beautiful boys and describes them as “my reason, my light, my all.”

“I want to thank every single person for your support and patience as our business grows,” Shelby says. “I’m blessed and beyond thankful!”

“Barra-manggari-rra (love) to all my people.”

Shelby is  a Facilitator for SSE's Invest in Yourself: Exploring Money and Self-Employment program. 

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