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Digital Internship Program: Tech Central
Digital Internship Program: Tech Central
In collaboration with Tech Central, this Digital Internship Program showcases innovative startups and scaleups operating in the thriving ecosystem of Tech Central.

This free, flexible, and fully online program will help you gain real-world experience with three innovative, high-impact startups.


The Essentials
Launch date: April 2023
Time commitment:

8-10 hours (Online, Self-Paced)

Eligibility: Open for all
Purpose: This program is designed for anyone interested in exploring the world of startups, and to build transferable skills required to work in or create a successful startup.
Goal: Gain experience by completing online internship modules co-designed with 3 leading, future-focused startups from the Tech Central precinct. This program will help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and valuable transferable skills. 

Upon successful completion of the Program, participants will receive a digital microcredential demonstrating their learning outcomes and demonstrated skills. This badge is a web-enabled version of their certification and can be shared online and verified in real time.

Cost Free


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The Startups and Scaleups in the Digital Internship Program: Tech Central
Lockpick Games

Lockpick Games is an EdTech startup based in Haymarket HQ. They creates games to tutor students preparing for either national curriculums or competitive selective high school entrance exams.

Lockpick Games

Arula uses 3D technology to print external breast prostheses for women who have had single or double mastectomies. They use leading-edge technology to create customised breast forms which are lightweight and soft so as not to further irritate the skin.

Find out more about arula

Pioneera's purpose is to unleash everyone's potential to be happier, healthier and more productive at work. their flagship product is an AI bot named "Indie" which blends AI and psychology to identify and act on the early warning signs of stress to help reduce stress and burnout in the workplace.

find out more about pioneera
adam hennessy
Great course, wonderful experience! I learnt about the complexity and vast opportunities for innovation, collaboration and learning when dealing with start-ups.
Digital Internship Program: Tech Central