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Digital Internship Program: Tech Central | SSE

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SSE is collaborating with Tech Central to create a new Digital  Internship Program. This program showcases innovative startups and scaleups operating in the thriving ecosystem of Tech Central.

This free, flexible and fully online program will help you gain real-world experience with three innovative startups while allowing you to peer behind the curtain and experience what it’s like to work in a real-world business that’s delivering impact.


The Essentials

Launch date: March 2023
Time commitment:

8-10 hours (Online, Self-Paced)

Eligibility: Open access to all
Purpose: This program is designed for innovators and change-makers looking to explore the world of startups, and to build the skills required to make them successful.
Goal: Gain experience by completing online internship modules co-designed with 3 leading, future-focused startups from the Tech Central precinct. This program will help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and learn sought-after employability skills.
Digital Badge

Upon successful completion of the Program, participants will receive a digital badge demonstrating their learning outcomes and demonstrated skills. This badge is a web-enabled version of their certification and can be shared online and verified in real-time.

Cost The program is available at no cost



The program has helped me inculcate my REAL world problem-solving skills and [...] out-of-the-box thinking

Sayam SSE Graduate, of Virtual Startup Internship Program: Future Economies

Coming soon: Meet the startups and scaleups in the Digital Internship Program: Tech Central